FOMC Press Conference

The Fed hikes interest rates by 0.75 percentage point for second consecutive time to fight inflation. Watch the full FOMC press conference here at VipLiveAlerts-Pro today. Federal Reserve Press Release

U.S. stocks closed sharply higher Wednesday, after the Federal Reserve’s latest rate hike with a sharp advance that saw the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite see its biggest daily gain since April 2020. The Nasdaq Composite gained 469.84 points, or 4.06%, to 12,032.42. The S&P 500 gained 102.56 points, or 2.62%, To 4,023.61. The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 436.05 points, or 1.37%, to 32,197.59. Wednesday’s gains also marked the biggest rally on a Fed decision day since December 2008, the day the Fed slashed its benchmark interest rate target to between 0% and 0.25% for the first time in history. The Fed’s policy-setting committee voted Wednesday to hike the Fed funds rate target 75 basis points for the second month in a row and the markets are betting on rate hikes easing sooner than later.

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