Short Squeeze Mentions

Top short squeeze mentions seeing above average social activity.

Short Interest % Float -According to S3 Data

APRN 56.62%
PRTY 11.25%
BBBY 46.32%
GME 22.81%
BBIG 17.26%
AVYA 26.21%
WEBR 64.75%
HSDT 0.80%
REV 26.19%
INDO 16.37%

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VipLiveAlerts-Pro Market Commentary

The market closed modestly lower on Tuesday after a volatile and choppy trading session. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 154 points, or 0.47%, the S&P 500 gave back 9 points, or 0.22%, while the Nasdaq Composite lost less than 1 point. 

A Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) whistleblower has come forward with a wide range of damaging allegations against the social media company. The former head of security Peiter Zatko is claiming that senior management has engaged in various forms of “deceitful and/or misleading” communications regarding numerous issues related to security and privacy. That also includes Twitter’s approach to estimating spam bots that are on the platform, which just so happens to be the force behind Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk’s dispute with Twitter. Musk is still attempting to terminate his acquisition deal with his once preferred social media service. It’s worth noting that Mr Zatko commenced his whistleblower proceedings prior to Musk’s acquisition offer, and that the two episodes are not directly related. Twitter shares fell 7.32%.

Electric vehicle startup Polestar (NASDAQ:PSNY) is planning to expand into the nautical market, announcing a new partnership with boat maker Candela on Tuesday. Polestar has entered into a multi-year supply agreement to provide batteries and charging systems to Candela, which is working to develop hydrofoiling electric speed boats. In the wake of accelerating electric vehicle adoption on the land, many startups have emerged that are hoping to electrify other forms of transportation, including both aviation and watercraft. Candela utilizes a hydrofoil system that lifts a boat above the water while traveling, conveying an appearance that the boat is flying or hovering. Polestar shares declined 3%.

NYSE:GETY, In an 8-K filing, Getty Images Holdings (parent co) says it previously reported that it planned to use approximately $275 million of cash proceeds from its recently completed business combination to repay a portion of its debt. The company has contributed an additional $25 million of balance sheet cash to the previously announced $275 million of deal proceeds towards this debt repayment, for a total debt repayment of $300 million.

Getty Images (subsidiary) also made a voluntary prepayment of $300 million of its USD senior secured term loan. Following the voluntary prepayment, the company has approximately $692.6 million outstanding under its USD Term Loan and $438.9 million outstanding under its EUR Term Loan.

NASDAQ:TTCF – (expands distribution agreement with WMT, will increase availability of its products at Walmart stores across US),

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