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Every day, thousands of technology and business professionals google VipLiveAlerts-Pro to read the most action filled financial news that affects their lives. Our audience includes financial industry leaders, retail-traders, private investors, venture capitalists, startups, entrepreneurs, and the world’s biggest decision-makers across every major financial market. 

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One of our most popular options for advertising is raising your brand awareness. This comes in the form of featured content and ad banners that will actually be seen by thousands of visitors each day. 

VipLiveAlerts-Pro has a proven track record of profiling companies listed on all major financial markets, reviewing blockchain start-ups, and zeroing in on the disruptive blockchain companies of our future. Or if you have a DeFi event, webinar, or white paper that you want to promote, we can drive sign-ups and help you grow. All of this is done with brand safety as a top priority. 

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The viability of business models is based on customer acquisition costs (CAC) and the ability to monetize customers. Using large scale SEO strategies, social networks and search engine advertising to acquire new customers can be very expensive and ineffective.

VipLiveAlerts-Pro can greatly reduce your customer acquisition costs by promoting your project on our Five websites with thousands of already well established back-links. We can lower your CAC and directly target new customers by setting up sign-up forms on our powerful websites and servers. 

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Finding the best talent can be a very expensive and a frustrating process for business owners.

VipLiveAlerts-Pro is able to promote your projects on thousands of pages to millions of people every month at a better price than even job search engines, while reaching more relevant financial market candidates at the same time. 

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