Cryptocurrency terms and abbreviations explained


VIP LIVEALERTS-PRO Crypto terms and abbreviations Cryptocurrency terms and abbreviations explained If you want to be successful in cryptocurrency investing, you’ll need to do extensive research and education before you start trading. Seems like each day there is yet another new digital currency or blockchain-related opportunity introduced to the crypto community. But though crypto investing […]

What is DCA = Dollar Cost Averaging to Cryptocurrency Ownership

What is DCA

VIP LIVEALERTS-PRO Dollar Cost Averaging What is DCA = Dollar Cost Averaging to Cryptocurrency Ownership Investing in cryptocurrency can be a highly lucrative affair if done right. Over the years, individuals have made away with thousands and millions of dollars from trades. However, you have to work the odds in your favor. One critical question […]

The End of Cryptocurrencies?

VIP LIVEALERTS-PRO The End of Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and cryptocurrency haven’t been around long enough for us to know what’s really going to happen during this latest downswing. But, as far as ‘crypto winters’ go, this isn’t the first one–and perhaps that provides a bit of hope for investors across the market. Since 2017, there have […]

Market Consolidation in Crypto?

Market Consolidation

VIP LIVEALERTS-PRO Market Consolidation in Crypto Consolidation is a term used in technical analysis for an asset that is not trending upwards or downwards. Generally, consolidated assets or cryptocurrencies trend within a limited price range and give relatively minimum trading chances until a different trading pattern emerges. The term better describes a flat market situation […]

Common Candlestick Patterns Used in Trading Crypto and Stocks

Common Candlestick Patterns

VIP LIVEALERTS-PRO Common Candlestick Patterns Common Candlestick Patterns Used in Trading Crypto and Stocks Candlestick charts are a way of viewing price movements in stocks, crypto, and other financial instruments. They are used to help make sense of daily, weekly, and monthly price trends. Candlesticks can be used on all timeframes and offer insights into […]

CurPay: Understanding Crypto Volatility

Crypto News, Crypto Education News

VIP LIVEALERTS-PRO Understanding Crypto Volatility Over the years, cryptocurrencies continue to make headlines and are a hot topic of discussion. Globally, it’s estimated that 1 in 10 people are currently investing in cryptocurrencies, some with full understanding and others are complete novices. Investing in cryptos entails understanding the ropes, vocabulary, and everything in between to make a […]