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Benzinga Press Release Announces the Expiration of the Founding Members Program effective January 21. 2021

BOSTONJan. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VIP Live Alerts, The Stock Market’s #1 Professional Traders Group LLC, will be retiring the Founding Membership Program! As we end this extremely lucrative 2020 and look towards the new year documentable & verifiable Founding Membership Earnings have exceeded $750,000 during the last 7 months alone! The special benefits that accompany Founding Membership Levels will no longer be available going into 2021.

The President of VIP Live Alerts, LLC stated, “The tremendous results our Gold Members have achieved, with the benefit of Artificial Intelligence Software “directly overlaid” to the NASDAQ, is unparalleled in the industry. By average, each Gold Member has earned nearly $5000 since the exciting launch of the AI system back in June. We are proud of our Member’s successes and look forward to similar and even superior future results as we refine techniques and communications for future VIP Live Alerts Members.”

The initial “backbone” of the Artificial Intelligence Software that VIP Live Alerts applies to the Financial Markets, is the same concept, fully evolved, that conquered chess champion Gary Kasparov back in 1997. AI-driven information often identifies trends, disruptions, and anticipated market movements in advance, to expedite the stock analysis process, and better identify upcoming tendencies in the ticker at a much higher percentage of likelihood. In addition, the Artificial Intelligence Software directly connects and “lays over” the data of the NASDAQ itself, eliminating timing delays that often occur as the information travels thru the internet from the occasionally delayed tickers of the major trading companies such as Etrade, Robinhood, and others.   

Founding Members, many of whom were beginners or intermediate level traders, take advantage of the One-on-One Complimentary Training Sessions offered exclusively to Gold Members, and bundle this coaching with the AI Intelligence advantage, to become accomplished, successful, and profitable traders. Some examples:

“As a person close to retirement, I was concerned that I had not saved enough money to live the life I wanted. I managed to save enough to be comfortable but set my goals higher. I committed a portion of my 401k savings to try and accelerate growth on my own. The learning experience with has been tremendous as my portfolio is up 45% in 6 months! And I’ve developed a new hobby with a passion for researching and investing in emerging technologies. Again, Thanks to a tremendous group.” – Kerri, Member since 06/20

CEO Alexus proudly points to the fact that Artificial Intelligence has frequently provided early notification to Members of approaching earning opportunities. Headlined recently by SPI moving from $3 to $46 with a 1,433% increase, GLSI from $22 to $157 with a 613.6% increase, and NIO from $3 to $57 with a 1,800% increase!

For additional information about Founding Membership in VIP Live Alerts, additional references, or to access over 50 screenshots of various Member’s huge profits, visit, or go to their Facebook page at

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SOURCE VIP Live Alerts/ Benzinga Press Release. Full Disclosure: As an affiliate we endorse Benzinga news. However, with literally thousands of financial news sources in the financial markets, we no longer use their platform! 
Disclaimer: This content is only intended for informational purposes. Before making any investment, you should always do your own research and analysis.

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